We have an experienced group of estimators who are able to provide timely estimates for any situation. We have a robust database with historical data from all of our past projects which we utilize to create quick conceptual estimates. Our estimating database is constantly updated with current data and productivity to allow us to create accurate detailed estimates. We are able to continually update the cost estimate to ensure the project team is aware of the cost impact of decisions made during design process and ensure the project is kept on budget. Our goal is to avoid any surprises relating to cost, so we continually monitor and track actual costs versus estimated costs and hold weekly meetings with the owner to keep them abreast of all cost developments. In an effort to keep all information current, we process change orders weekly to keep all contracts current and contingency funds up to date. We have an open book policy when it comes to our accounting records so we encourage the owner to request any information they are interested in and make sure we are providing them with information and reports which suit their needs.