Our knowledgeable staff of project managers and superintendents will work closely with the architects and engineers to ensure that the design is put together in a manner that is both efficient and effective for now and for the future needs of the facility. Our goal is to not infringe on the designer's or owner's vision, but to ensure that how and why we are doing something is considered to guarantee the highest value for the lowest cost. During a constructability review, we use our experience and knowledge to eliminate and reduce conflicts as well as errors and omissions in design documents before the bidding process begins. These reviews are done with the help of our project managers, superintendents, and key subcontractors and suppliers.

During this process we also like to look at the life cycle of the building and what the client's expectations are, as many facilities are looking much more closely at operations, maintenance, repair, replacement, and disposal costs, in addition to initial cost and predicting what the life cycle cost of a building is. Through this process we are able to help the client with alternative options which are presented to meet both short-term and long-term goals for the building.